Saturday, February 23, 2008

Quick Presidential Quiz

This was sent along by a friend. It's a basic quiz. I expect no missed answers. Answers next week. Let's see those answers in the comments, people.
  1. Who was the first President to be photographed?
  2. Who didn't learn to read until he was 17?
  3. Who built a swimming pool and a movie theater in the White House?
  4. Who was ambidextrous?
  5. Who was president for only 32 days?
  6. Who ordered the White House's first bathtub?
  7. Who had the White House's first telephone?
  8. Who held his wedding in the White House?
  9. Who let his horse graze on the White House lawn?
  10. Who gave his pet mockingbird free rein of the indoor air space?

1 comment:

Archivalist said...

Is this some kind of citizenship test? Here goes some answers anyway:

2. Polk
5. W.H. Harrison
7. Hayes
8. Cleveland